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archive - ROVER Server Version 2.2.2 Popular

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Download (zip, 60.03 MB)

Installs ROVER Server version 2.2.2, which adds unlimited captioned digital photos to the post-earthquake module, a server screen that configures itself for field access by a tablet or smartphone, the ability to geolocate a site using street address, and a bug-fix for photo orientation handling in iOS. Version 1 is no longer available.

document RedROVER-HAZUS for HAZUS-MH Version 1 Popular

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Download RedROVER-HAZUS for HAZUS-MH version 1 MR4 Advanced Engineering Building Module (does not work on 2.1)

RedROVER-HAZUS v1 is a toolkit to export ROVER building data for import into the HAZUS-MH Advanced Engineering Building Module for a detailed earthquake risk analysis. This version only works on HAZUS-MH version 1. See this link for RedROVER-HAZUS v1.1, which works on HAZUS-MH ver 2.1

Go here for more details:

document RedROVER-HAZUS for HAZUS-MH Version 2.1 Popular

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Download (exe, 6.09 MB)


RedROVER for HAZUS-MH 2.1 Advanced Engineering Building Module

Use this program to export ROVER pre-earthquake data to HAZUS-MH 2.1 Advanced Engineering Building Module. Thanks, Stuart Moffat for version 1.0 (works with HAZUS-MH ver 1 MR4) and Josh Groeneveld for version 1.1 (updates RedROVER for HAZUS-MH ver 2.1).

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