Trouble installing RedROVER?

Open your file explorer and navigate to wherever you have the installation file redrover-hazus-1.1.exe. Right-click on the file. Click “run as administrator.” That might solve the problem.


ShakeCast bad news/good news

USGS tells us that they are “phasing out ShakeCast version 2 in favor or version 3 so that support is limited to existing v2 users with installed software for production purposes. As a result all new v2 installations need to be installed manually. It does work under Windows 7 and equivalent 32 and 64 bit OS’s and will require some efforts, we are talking about ~1 hour of work….” They apologize for not yet having fully integrated ShakeCast V3 with ROVER, but they plan to do so in 2014. We have no written instructions from USGS on how that manual installation need to be done.  We will inform readers of this page when ShakeCast version 3 has ROVER features.


ROVER Version 2.1 now available

Here is a brief summary of what’s new with version 2.1.

ROVER Version 2.1 is now available for free download by registered users. Version 2.1 is the latest public version of ROVER, FEMA’s mobile technology for end-to-end, pre- and post-earthquake building safety screening. The new version offers unlimited digital captioned photos in post-earthquake (ATC-20) data collection forms (both rapid and detailed), just as in the pre-earthquake screens. It fixes a bug with the RedROVER configuration screens that prevented the user from changing and saving benchmark years. It addresses a change in the Google Maps API to restore the ability to look up lat/lon from address. And it provides a wide variety of UI changes from version 1.0 to optimize the screen for various devices. We have also replaced out-of-date documentation with docs for version 2.


ROVER Users Group on LinkedIn

We started a ROVER Users Group on LinkedIn. Join us there to meet other ROVER users, share your experience or suggestions, or ask questions that this web page doesn’t answer.


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