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ShakeCast is a free USGS application for automating ShakeMap delivery to critical users and for facilitating notification of shaking levels at user-selected facilities.

The ROVER edition of ShakeCast can extract a copy of the ROVER database to specify those facilities, monitor them for the occurrence of earthquakes, estimate ATC-20 tag colors within minutes after an earthquake occurs, and then put that information back into ROVER. ROVER thus serves as the field-data-collection tool to populate a ShakeCast database, and ShakeCast serves to give the ROVER user a rapid estimate of the condition of the buildings in the ROVER database. This can speed response and recovery decision-making.

This zip file contains version 2.0.4 of the ROVER edition of ShakeCast (30 Nov 2009), provided by the ShakeCast developer, and step-by-step instructions entitled “How to install and use ShakeCast 2-0-4.pdf,” which the ROVER developers created. For support using ShakeCast, see